About Bianco Rosso


An artisanal

Artisanal and classical stone oven pizzas with handmade fresh ingredients. Founded by two brothers, JC & Lorenzo, who let their hearts speak through their love of food. Bianco Rosso is an outpouring of pure passion. 


Founded by

Bianco means white in Italian and represents our handmade cheese pizzas with no tomato sauce. Rosso means red in Italian and stands for our stone oven pizzas with homemade red tomato sauce.

And if you look you’ll see the logo has a BR. This has special meaning as not only does it stand for the first two letters in Bianco Rosso but symbolizes the lifelong bond of BRothers.

Handmade Ingredients

The dedication to quality extends even to the cheese. Made daily by hand. BR's mozzarella is the freshest around

People love us
& we love you

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